Selecting a bitumen supplier is often subject to product reliability and durability. As awareness of product reliability increases, so does the responsibility of suppliers to ensure that such requirements are met. Our supply capability and dedication to quality standards makes Riyoniz Industrial Bitumen Refinery an ideal partner.
We work together with our local and international partners to support the development of large and small projects across the globe. Our mission is to attract and attain customers by continuously improving product quality, and by creating value for our customers through research and development and commitment to highest standard. As part of this mission, we provide information and clarity on technical issues.

Excellence. Quality. Trust

Riyoniz Bitumen Refinery is an independent entity with the production capacity of about 360,000 MT per year. The refinery holds 4 acres of land in Bandar Abbas and it’s strategically located few kilometers from the main container port in Iran. Riyoniz Bitumen Refinery has an experienced team of industry leaders who bring the ideal mix of cooperative thinking, production expertise, international trade and a customer focused approach to our business. These talented individuals have been instrumental in creating a thriving business that has proven beneficial for its shareholders and customers.


Bitumen is a crucial component for construction and infrastructure projects due to its flexibility and durability. There are various methods of production that result in specific characteristics. At Riyoniz Bitumen Refinery, methods of production are carefully selected to produce consistent, high quality bitumen that meets precise engineering specifications.


At Riyoniz Bitumen Refinery we manufacture and deliver our own drums from standard cold rolled steel. Corrosion protection with excellent paint are key to storing drums in harsh weather conditions and close to seaside. Our steel drums meet the packaging requirements and present excellent stacking capability.


In order to ensure bitumen quality, the ASTM standards are met. Various laboratory and field tests are carried out for the technical assessment and determination of consistency at different temperatures. To help our customers deliver on their commitments, SGS, Geochem and Bureau Veritas inspection can also be provided.

Health and Safety

At Riyoniz Bitumen Refinery we ensure the safety of our employees by proper training and the use of appropriate clothing and safety equipment. Since bitumen is used at high temperatures, proper care and precautions must be taken to minimise the risk of injury.

Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) provides information on known health, safety and environmental hazards and indicates appropriate measures to reduce any identified risks. Bitumen is not classified as a hazardous substance, however safety data sheets are provided to customers in order to ensure safe handling in the workplace.


“To acquire and maintain Market Leadership by having a sound reputation for high quality products and services.”


“To attain customers on a global scale by improving product quality, through research and development with commitment to obtain highest standards.”

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